Fosterchild’s sound and style are reminiscent of a time when rock n’ roll still had swagger and music still served as the Saturday night hymnal to its fans. A throwback, if you will, Fosterchild prides itself on respecting the past in order to find it’s future.

Encompassing the experiences of each of its members -- which range from hardcore bands and thunderous rock groups to gritty blues acts and acoustic duos -- Fosterchild truly is the sum of its parts with a synergy that often proves to be much wiser than its years.

"Coming from different bands and a life time of searching for that ‘perfect sound,’ we were at first uncertain of what direction we were headed in musically,” explains founder and guitarist Brian Quinn. “However, after months of writing and jamming together, it all just came together organically. By feeding off one another’s style, experience and influences, we established the sound that we had each spent years trying to find.”

Their influences, which ranges from AC/DC and The Cult to Elvis Presley and The Byrds, are evident in such stand-out tracks as the ethereal “Don’t Let Go” and the anthemic “Mission.”

Featuring an eclectic mix of gritty blues, thunderous riffs and melodic harmonies into one unique sound, the band that once couldn’t find its place in music has somehow taken the long road home.

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